Oct 11, 2012

emule low ID and Kad disconnected. emule低ID和連不上Kad

前兩天去幫我一位國小同學處理他最"關心"的下載問題, 說是他的emule是低ID就算了, Kad也一直連不上, 這個問題他一直無法解決, 所以他的下載大軍也一直無法正常運作, 這對於一個下載狂來說, 不能下載的日子, 是煎熬的, 所以就找個時間去幫他處理一下。

一開始他測試給我看後, 我看他的桌機是在分享器後面, 所以判斷低ID的問題是分享器所引起的, 索性就直接把分享器的DMZ功能指到他的IP就解決了。
第二個問題是Kad, 仍然連不上, 我便問他emule是不是重新安裝的, 他跟我說"是", 那問題就很有可能是安裝後的emule裡沒有正確的伺服器資訊, 所以導致連不上。解決方法也很簡單, 就到 http://www.nodes-dat.com 抓最新的node.dat檔, 把他丟到emule\config裡就可以了, 果然放進去後, emule重開一切正常 :)

Recently, my elementary classmate had a "serious" downloading problem. He told me that his emule always gets low ID and can't connect to Kad. Therefore, his downloading army was unable to work correctly. For a crazy downloader, this is a terrible situation. Hence, I gave him a hand to fix the problem.

After he showed me the problem, I saw his desktop is behind a router, so the low ID problem must be because of the router. I turned on the DMZ function on the router and allocated to his IP address, and then it works.
The second problem is about Kad. It still could not connect to Kad server. I asked him that if you re-installed the emule software. The answer is 'yes'. Well, the problem must be the server list in emule. Emule needs new server information. The problem is easy. I just downloaded node.dat from http://www.nodes-dat.com ,and then put the file to emule/config folder. After restarted the emlue, the problem is solved.

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